Have you wanted to invest your savings in the shares of this or that company for a long time? Then this financial asset is perfect for you. Buy shares in large companies and earn dividends or in smaller companies, but only if you know what to do. Play on the difference in the price of securities, buy and sell, or hold, waiting for the stock to rise in value.

The main exchange assets, along with commodities and currencies, are traditionally stocks and bonds, the trade of which is also available on our platform. Moreover, not only «blue chips» are available for buying and selling — shares of the largest and most stable companies, but also securities of the second and even third echelons, so you can collect a unique individual portfolio with shares of companies whose growth you predicted.


Carefully select the shares that you want to buy, try to diversify risks, investing your funds in different industries and companies that are residents of different states. So, on our site you can buy not only shares of Russian, but also American, European companies, as well as buy securities of issuers of the Asia-Pacific region.


It is worth noting that we do not limit you in the choice of objects for investment, as well as in the strategy that you can choose. Buy and hold shares, receiving dividends, or make short transactions, playing on the difference in the value of securities.